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        Summaries of the Winter and Summer Games, medal winners, timelines, participating countries, biographies, medal standings by nation, leading individual medal winners, and more

        Final NBA and WNBA standings by year, record holders, NBA most valuable players and Championship winners, game and individual records

        College Basketball
        NCAA champions, NIT champions, leading career records, and single scoring records

        真空上街Pro Football
        Super Bowl stats and facts, team profiles, biographies, individual and team leaders, team-by-team stats

        College Football
        NCAA champions, bowl game results, Heisman winners, and Hall of Fame, NCAA poll results

        World Cup Soccer
        Summaries and previews, winners, biographies, team comparisons, standings, and more

        Other Sports
        Results and standings for horse racing, soccer, auto racing, bowling, boxing, X Games

        World Series, season summaries, season and career records, All-Star game results, and Hall of Fame

        Stanley Cup winners, NHL champions and trophies, leading scorers and goaltenders, All-Star Game results

        Men and women's PGA and LPGA tour winners, record holders, timelines, and more

        Past Winners of Wimbledon, the U.S. Open, the Davis Cup, and other tournaments

        Ballparks & Arenas
        Famous ballparks and stadiums, venues where professional teams play, sports measurements

        Biographies of hundreds of famous athletes

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        Year-by-Year: 1900-2014

        Negro League Baseball
        Negro League Baseball
        History and key players in baseball's gone?but not forgotten league